Executive Director

North Newstead Association

Constance Siu has been with the North Newstead Association since August 2018 and after many years of serving as the Community Engagement Specialist, she stepped into the role of the Executive Director in June 2022. Prior to her time at NNA, Constance worked at and with various community development organizations and initiatives including the Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis, Justine PETERSEN, and the Vacancy Collaborative. During her time at NNA, Constance has built strong relationships with resident leaders throughout NNA’s service area as she managed NNA’s Beautification, Safety, Home Repair, and Elderly Services programs. She is excited to further elevate the voice and concerns of residents through her new role as NNA’s director.

In addition to her role at NNA, Constance also serves on the the Community Advisory Council with the Gephardt Institute of Civic and Community Engagement, the Young Friends Board of earthday365, the North Community Advisory Council for Great River Greenway’s Brickline Greenway, and on her own neighborhood association board.

Constance is committed to continuing and growing NNA’s presence in the community and is excited for the role that NNA can play in empowering resident leaders and elevating community voices for sustainable progress in North St. Louis City.

Although Constance is a transplant to St. Louis, she proudly calls St. Louis City home and is on a constant mission to convince all who will listen to move to the region. In her spare time, you can find Constance either in the community or in her own backyard garden surrounded by her two dogs and cat.

One thought on “Executive Director

  1. Thank you,Constance, for leading a tour in O ‘Fallon Park 9/25. I look forward to sharing this when more walking trails are available. I used my car to explore further.
    FYI: the 16 Taylor Metrobus does enter the park but does not go all the way to the Rec Center. There is an straight walkway from the bus stop – much easier than the winding driveway. So I don’t need my car next time.
    Best Wishes, Melanie Harvey

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