St. Louisans Continue to Support One Another

North Newstead Association wrapped up our free fresh produce program a few weeks ago by delivering over 75 bags of fresh produce to senior residents of the Homer G. Phillips Senior Apartments in the historic Ville neighborhood.

When we pulled up with a van full of fresh produce to just a small line of folks in front of the Homer G. Phillips Senior Apartments, we thought we’d have a long afternoon ahead of us trying to give away all the bags we had brought. However, soon after we started handing out bags of the beautiful produce packed for us by Metro Market St. Louis, these concerns quickly vanished as residents not only called their friends and neighbors to come downstairs to grab their own bags but some residents began to bring bags up to friends and neighbors who could not otherwise pick up a bag.

This love, thoughtfulness, and camaraderie of our community members is what is carrying us through these times, inspiring hope for tomorrow.

Thank you to Invest STL for making all these deliveries possible and to our friends at Metro Market St. Louis for always packing such amazingly fresh produce for residents in North St. Louis. Through this program, NNA was able to deliver over 307 bags of fresh produce directly into the hands of residents.

If you or your organization would like to help us expand our reach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

North Newstead, however, is not alone in our efforts to support our residents. Please check out other events and resources below. Thank you to all these amazing St. Louisans and to the countless others for doing their part to support one another!